Friday, August 12, 2016

Eating Japan - Instant ramen series 2

Don't think I've tried so many different variety of instant noodle in such a short span of time before in my life till I moved to Tokyo~ Lol.....that's because there are so many different flavours!!

Not sure why all my landscape pictures appeared sideways like this when uploaded onto blogger. I tried fixing it but nope, nothing works!

1. Nissin Seafood Big

There's no additional packet of stuff in this, open it up and everything is already topped onto the noodles.
Love seafood and hence it's no surprise that I will pick this up~
I love this because I like the seafood flavour and enjoy the thin, springy noodles!!!

2. Marucyan Gotsumori Chanpon

First time trying chanpon and it's the instant noodle version. Love all the gotsumori instant noodle because the normal ones are too small to fill my tummy~

If I want to fill my tummy, I will usually go for a gotsumori pack, especially the dry instant noodles ones!

Open it up and there are 3 dry packets.

Here are the contents.

This is good too but the flavour is not as strong as the seafood one. The only thing I didn't really like was the pink ham.

3. Topvalu Yakisoba

Love this packaging. It just makes making dry instant noodle soooo convenient.

Opps, sorry for the upside down picture, but you get 2 sauce packets - the actual sauce and furikake.

The portion looks big because this is a 129g packet.

4. Maruchan Gotsumori Yakisoba

This one comes with Kewpie mayonnaise~

1 for the sauce, 1 for the veg and 1 for the mayonnaise

I'm not sure why, but somehow mayonnaise makes yakisoba tastes so much better!!! Even if they do not come with mayonnaise, just add some on your own and they'll taste much better.

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