Saturday, August 27, 2016

Eating Japan - Snack series 3

1. Kagome
Pitaya and banana smoothie (L) and tropical fruits (R)

I always enjoy Kagome's fruit drinks. They're not too sweet and because they're a blend of many different fruits and vegetables, I like to think that they are healthy. 

Compared to the tropical fruits one, he smoothie version was really nice especially when cold. I like the flavour and thicker consistency. 

2. Glico Almond

Almond coated chocolate that's further coated with cocoa powder! Yummy~ so good that I finished this in one setting.

3. Mixed nuts with anchovies

This makes for a really good snack especially when watching youtube videos.

4. Gifts from colleague
Kanten powder to make kanten jelly (L) and Madeleine (R)

I was really happy to receive the kanten powder as I had been looking for them at the local supermarket. So far I've made azuki kanten a few times and they've been well received by my colleagues.

5. Bourbon Caramel flavour

Always enjoy Bourbon cookies and was extremely to find a caramel flavoured one~!

6. Cute little panda cake from Don Quijote by colleague

7. Mentai ring~!!!

<3 Love this so much that I buy one almost every 2 weeks!

8. Calbee sea urchin calbonara flavour

Packed with umami and surprisingly a good combination~!!! Plus these are thick cut chips~!!! 

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