Monday, August 8, 2016

Harajuku & Omotesando

Went shopping at Harajuku where Steph bought loads of Calbee snacks~

Look at how many boxes she bought!

Chips made right before your eyes!

Bought some freshly made chips to try~ They were delicious!

After that we went to Urasando for some tea.

This time I ordered the green tea set that came with a bun filled with houjicha cream~

The set came presented like this. As we were seated on the bar table, we got to chose which bowl we wanted to use.

So you pour the hot water from the brown bowl into the bowl with the green tea powder and whisk as fast as you can up and down till tiny bubbles form in the foam above the tea.

Really enjoyed the process~

Steph ordered a similar set but with a green tea cream bun instead and her bro ordered the green tea ice cream.

The bun was super good~!!! Love the houjicha cream inside that was cold.....super good on a hot day!

I really like this place. Will definitely be back again in the future.

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