Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Home-made mizu youkan~

Was asking my japanese colleague one day regarding where I could find kanten powder because I wanted to make some.

Then the next day she came to work with a packet for me! 

I was soo happy that I decided to make some red bean mizu youkan for my colleagues.

It was surprisingly easy to make especially if you live in Japan because the read made red bean paste (without skins) can be easily bought from the local supermarket.

1. Bring to boil 400ml of water, add in 2 tbs of kanten jelly and remove from heat.
2. Add in 400g of skinless red bean paste, while stirring continuously.
3. Pour them into moulds.
4. Place them to cool in the fridge for an hour and Tada~!!!! 

Delicious mizu youkan~!!!! <3
The perfect snack for a hot summer day~

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