Monday, August 1, 2016

串だおれ 新橋店 (Kushidaore Shimbashi)

Attended a nomikai event at Shimbashi one weekend back in May and was feeling super hungry after that so S and I went for dinner at Kushikaore Shimbashi.

To start off, we each ordered High ball (302 yen) and Ginger Ale (270 yen).

Oden tororo daikon (216 yen)

This was super good! My favourite daikon with tororo!!! I could just eat this the entire night!

Salmon (151 yen), Shitake (129 yen), Renkon (lotus root) (129 yen), Sausage (129 yen), Pumpkin (129 yen)

Love both the renkon and the pumpkin~ Japanese pumpkin or kabocha are really sweet and tastes yummy on their own.

Buta bara (54 yen), Chicken breast (86 yen)

Gotta have some meat~

Shishamo (129 yen), Buta maki cheese (129 yen)

heehee, my cute little fish!

Uzura (quail eggs) (108 yen)

Lastly, we ended the night with a picture of the steam locomotive at SL square, which is supposedly a meet up space for ojisans.

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