Thursday, August 11, 2016

韓美膳(ハンビジェ)& La Maison Ensaleille Table, Lumine Ikebukuro

Met up with Pat and we went for lunch at 韓美膳 (ハンビジェ)at Lumine 8F, Ikeburo

This was my order of bibimbap with kimchi soup that came with a salad, 3 sides and a korean pancake!!! The set was huge and I couldn't finish everything~ Overall, the bibimbap was delicious and there was an entire bottle of gochujang sauce on the table for you to use on your bibimbap. The kimchi soup was good too and spicy! The only thing that I didn't really like was the pancake which didn't taste as good as the others.

After lunch, we spent several hours shopping at Lumine in Ikebukuro before deciding that we need to go get desserts.

So we had tea at La Maison Ensaleille Table, Lumine 5F, Ikebukuro

The herbal tea~ love the colour!

Melon tart

This is perfect for those who doesn't really enjoy desserts that are too sweet! Definitely otona no aji~
The melon itself is sweet and goes really well with the whipped cream and sponge cake at the bottom.

Cookie & Cream Tart with Cherry

Cherry was in season when we visited and it was only natural that this was their special at that time. Needless to say, the cherries were super sweet. I actually prefer this to the melon tart especially since it comes with a chocolate sponge cake.

This is definitely a place that girls will like. They also serve main dishes for lunch and dinner!

I highly recommend this place if you ever drop by Lumine in Ikebukuro because their seasonal menu is always changing according to whatever fruit is in season~

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