Friday, September 30, 2016

Eating Japan -Ice cream series 6

1. Gatsun Grapefruit

This one is really good as it comes with real grapefruit pieces inside. This is a favourite for 2 of my colleagues.

2. Kracie Grapefruit

This one here contains only grapefruit juice but not the actual fruit. Hence, the top one is the winner!

3. Ohayo Ice smoothie bar

I really like this as you get crunchy pieces of ice in the bar and there's a nice mango flavour to it. I like it so much that I bought a second box!

4. Haagen-Dazs Chocolate Macadamia nut

<3 this....super delicious! Absolutely must have if you love macadamia nuts!

5. Meiji Gold line

I felt that this was only so-so. It would be better if the chocolate coating is thicker.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Mutekiya(無敵家), Ikebukuro

I spotted Mutekiya(無敵家) the one night in Ikebukuro after dinner with my colleagues. We noticed that there was a really long queue outside a ramen shop and so I went online to do some research on it. I found out that it was a famous ramen place and decided to bring mum here.

So it was a hot sunny day that day and we queued for almost an hour!!!!!

As the place was sooo tiny, we couldn't even sit together. I was separated from mum and aunt.

So here's how the table is arranged. you get various condiments for your ramen on the table.

I love the fresh garlic!

They also served super thick jasmine tea (the little jug on the left) which you have to dilute yourself with water.

I ordered their No.4 best ramen - Honmarumen. I'm not sure if I was just super hungry and thirsty after queuing for an hour but the ramen tasted delicious to me and I finished my soup. But mum and aunt were complaining about how everything was super salty and that there's too much fat in the soup. Plus since we had to queue for an hour., they were not happy that the ramen was not as good as they expected. They both prefered Ichiran Ramen to this.

Their gyouza was good too but not that great.

After that, we went to Meiji-jingu which unfortunately had some construction works going on then and hence the background.

But nonetheless, it was a good walk and there was some flower exhibition there.

Monday, September 26, 2016


My third visit to Asakusa this year~

I enjoyed both the day and night view from the tourist centre in Asakusa

It's free so you can visit it as much as you like. Plus it's open air, so you can enjoy the nice breeze....


Sigh...this is what happens when your camera person is not very good at taking pictures. You lose part of the actual building

It was too hot that I had to cool myself down with a bowl of shave ice - Kuromitsu Kinako!!! Yummy!

We also tried a melon pan from a shop that was supposedly famous for their melon pan! After buying this, we discovered another shop that was famous for their melon pan too.....So which is the real one?

I tried this baked sweet potato the last time and really enjoyed it, so I bought one for mum to try too.

After that we strolled along the nakamise to shop summore before heading home because it was super hot that day!!!

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Yokohama Chinatown

Brought mum and aunt to Yokohama.....

Who knew that we would be so lucky! 

There was some festival going on and we stood by the side and watched for almost an hour!

Seriously, it was like a parade~

People dressed in different costumes walked past us slowly while dancing

While the firecrackers were scary and stinky due to the smoke, but street parade was really fun~

Plus they gave free candies~ hahaha...

Really love this one friendly!

It's the first time I've seen such a street parade and we were lucky that while there were many people, it's not too crowded.

More candies?

Lol, then I spotted this cute little boy with a pikachu on his head as the Pikachu festival was due to happen in Yokohama.

There was lion dance too!


ooo....accidentally caught a picture of the leng chai inside as the lion swallowed my head~

Then there were musical instruments too....that I've never seen before.

Really salute whoever is under that costume~

All the costumes looked heavy and it was summer!!!

The performances just kept coming....

They even allowed us to take picture~

The parade was totally unexpected, especially not in Japan. But we had fun~!!! 

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Pie Holic (パイ ホリック), Yokohama

I read about Pie Holic (パイ ホリック) online and became interested in it because who doesn't love a good pie buffet!!? :D

We opted for their lunch set which costs 1,850 yen each.

It came with either a salad or soup, main and pies!

Here's the soup and the salad

As we were enjoying our appetisers, the staffs started bringing freshly baked pies to the customers. Here's the chicken pot pie which was the best pie that day! They serve many pies but for the buffet, they rotate 5 pies on different days. I visited on a Wednesday.

Mac and cheese pie, which I really enjoyed!

This is the chilli beans pie which was good too

We opted for the more expensive mains. If you choose the Cajun tandoori chicken, you wouldn't have to pay extra, but we ordered the Angus beef steak which requires an addition 550yen and the Norwegian salmon, plus 250 yen.

The beef was good but not the best. As for the salmon, I thought it was ok but aunt felt that it was under seasoned.

Then came the anchovies pie which was super fishy and none of us enjoyed it at all!

Chicken pie again because it was super delicious~!!!

When you're done and couldn't take any more pie, just place this on your turn table and they will not serve you anymore pies.

I really enjoyed the food and will definitely be back for more!! Just not on Wednesdays as I want to try other pies! :)

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

BREIZH Café EXPRESS, Yokohama Akarenga

Nice view from Bashamichi

Not sure what's behind me but spotted this area while Pokemon hunting and thought that it'd make a good picture! hahaha

We initially wanted to have pies but the place was packed so we stopped by Akarenga to grab some food first as we were hungry.

Mum and aunt had chinese ramen while I had galette from BREIZH Café EXPRESS.

I ordered a zucchini galette which was delicious~ I've been wanting to have one since 3 years ago when Camille made them for my lab peeps in the food science lab as it was a specialty from her region. I really enjoyed the crunchy exterior of the galette and that cheesy taste!!

I also ordered a caramel crepe which came with really good salted caramel~because it was a good deal. Galette + Crepe for 1180yen.
 Ooo....I really need to get myself a bottle!!!

A cider that was super refreshing and delicious~!!! One of the best I've had!!! 300 yen.

Not sure why, but I really like the street views of Yokohama~

A picture with the Landmark Tower~

My favourite shot of the day at Bashamichi.....I think this place would love absolutely stunning at night. Maybe next time, I will return for a night view~