Tuesday, September 20, 2016

BREIZH Café EXPRESS, Yokohama Akarenga

Nice view from Bashamichi

Not sure what's behind me but spotted this area while Pokemon hunting and thought that it'd make a good picture! hahaha

We initially wanted to have pies but the place was packed so we stopped by Akarenga to grab some food first as we were hungry.

Mum and aunt had chinese ramen while I had galette from BREIZH Café EXPRESS.

I ordered a zucchini galette which was delicious~ I've been wanting to have one since 3 years ago when Camille made them for my lab peeps in the food science lab as it was a specialty from her region. I really enjoyed the crunchy exterior of the galette and that cheesy taste!!

I also ordered a caramel crepe which came with really good salted caramel~because it was a good deal. Galette + Crepe for 1180yen.
 Ooo....I really need to get myself a bottle!!!

A cider that was super refreshing and delicious~!!! One of the best I've had!!! 300 yen.

Not sure why, but I really like the street views of Yokohama~

A picture with the Landmark Tower~

My favourite shot of the day at Bashamichi.....I think this place would love absolutely stunning at night. Maybe next time, I will return for a night view~

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