Saturday, September 10, 2016

Eating Japan -Ice cream series 5

Summer is seriously too hot for me to handle~ Sometimes I wonder if I really came from a tropical country.

When summer first started, I'd have 2 sticks of ice cream every day because it was so hot!

1. Hershey's Crunch choco monaka
I like this because they come in small little packs of 6 so that means you don't have to eat that many calories in one setting. Plus what's not to love about a choco monaka?

Just nice for a quick snack!

2. Morinaga chocolate ice bar with 3 different forms of chocolate
Again, a small stick that I could easily finish in 5 mins. While the chocolate flavour here is not as rich as the more premium chocolate ice cream, it has a nice enough chocolate flavour that doesn't taste weird.

3. PrimeONE shirokuma
Oooo....delicious milk shaved ice with fruits! This one was really expensive and hence, I never bought it again. But I really enjoyed the milky taste of the ice with the sweet fruits~

4. Meiji Orange Soda ice
Another icy ice cream. I just love these icy desserts that can be scooped out and still gives an icy feel.

5. StyleONE tappuri shigure in strawberry flavour
Just plain strawberry kakigori with red bean paste in the centre. Nothing special.

6. PrimeONE ichigo & rennyu
Omg...this was super good!!! Ichigo & rennyu is like the perfect combination so how do you make it better? Turn that into an ice dessert! Sweet and delicious~

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