Friday, September 16, 2016

Eating Japan - Snack series 4

1. Pocky Crystal Salty

Not sure why it's not called crystal salt instead. Bought this when summer was just starting and I was like, "Oh wow....there's a pocky that makes you feel cool!?" hahaha....yes, you can taste the salt in this but it's delicious~

2. Bourbon Alfort Chocolate

The normal chocolate and milk chocolate series. I prefer the normal chocolate one as it's less sweet. As it's individually packed, it's really convenient to bring around.

3. Calbee Limited Edition Prawn and salt flavoured potato chips~!!!

While this is not the best limited edition version, this was pretty good!

4. Mugi Mugi

My idea of a healthy snack~!!!  This is super good when eaten alone though you can enjoy this with milk too as a cereal.

5. StyleONE salt popcorn

Yea, also another of my so called healthy snack. I've never really enjoyed salted popcorn till I came to Tokyo.

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