Sunday, September 18, 2016

Ichiran Ramen

Early in the morning and we stopped by the Edogawa zoo which was empty at that time. 
Love this zoo because it's free~!!!

Saw some monkeys which I've missed the last time I visited

.....and found this little one who looks like it wants to fight someone

We went to Shibuya for some shopping and for the famous Ichiran Ramen!!!!

As usual, I have to add an egg to my ramen~!!! Love their broth which is flavourful but not too fatty!

We entered the Disney store in Shibuya and I saw this really cute Pooh bear stuffed toy~!!! Reminds me of Tsum Tsum! I would really love to bring this home~

heehee.....another Pooh bear

These two are so cute, it's my first time seeing these two characters~

Disney princesses......who could resist!

Stuffs in the Disney store are always so cute! Especially their cosmetics and accessories. If I have more budget, I would love to get a stuff toy from there for my room <3

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