Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Kani Doraku Shinjuku

Day 1 for mum and aunt. 
I went to the airport early in the morning to pick them back to my place before heading out again.

We went to the Shinjuku Honten branch -

There's 3 of us but because the sets look really big, we only ordered 2. The 2 that we ordered were the 輝 (Kagayaki) (8,640 yen) &  昴 (Subaru) (6,912 yen).

The 輝 (Kagayaki) set came with Boiled king crab, Raw king crab sashimi, King crab gratin, Charcoal grilled king crab, Deep fried king crab (Tempura style), King crab sushi, Japanese soup and Dessert.

The 昴 (Subaru) set consist of Assorted crabs Snow crab, King crab, Hair crab, Raw crab sashimi, Kani suki (Crab hot pot) in a paper pot, Crab gratin, Crab sushi, Japanese soup and Dessert.

First up are the boiled crabs

I had them without the sauces as the crabs are sweet enough on their own.

Then the sushi and sashimi

Yum yum~

The crab gratin~

Love gratin! So creamy and delicious~

Charcoal grilled king crab

This one is nice as you grill your own and the crab was surprisingly juicy.

The crab hot pot~

The crab sushi~

King crab tempura

Japanese soup

Desserts - kurin roll cake with matcha ice and match affogato

Crab overload!
Really happy with the meal as the food was good and we were really stuffed at the end.

After that we shopped around Shinjuku for a bit before heading to the Shinjuku Metropolitan Towers for a view of the city.


Garden in the city~

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