Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Mutekiya(無敵家), Ikebukuro

I spotted Mutekiya(無敵家) the one night in Ikebukuro after dinner with my colleagues. We noticed that there was a really long queue outside a ramen shop and so I went online to do some research on it. I found out that it was a famous ramen place and decided to bring mum here.

So it was a hot sunny day that day and we queued for almost an hour!!!!!

As the place was sooo tiny, we couldn't even sit together. I was separated from mum and aunt.

So here's how the table is arranged. you get various condiments for your ramen on the table.

I love the fresh garlic!

They also served super thick jasmine tea (the little jug on the left) which you have to dilute yourself with water.

I ordered their No.4 best ramen - Honmarumen. I'm not sure if I was just super hungry and thirsty after queuing for an hour but the ramen tasted delicious to me and I finished my soup. But mum and aunt were complaining about how everything was super salty and that there's too much fat in the soup. Plus since we had to queue for an hour., they were not happy that the ramen was not as good as they expected. They both prefered Ichiran Ramen to this.

Their gyouza was good too but not that great.

After that, we went to Meiji-jingu which unfortunately had some construction works going on then and hence the background.

But nonetheless, it was a good walk and there was some flower exhibition there.

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