Thursday, September 22, 2016

Pie Holic (パイ ホリック), Yokohama

I read about Pie Holic (パイ ホリック) online and became interested in it because who doesn't love a good pie buffet!!? :D

We opted for their lunch set which costs 1,850 yen each.

It came with either a salad or soup, main and pies!

Here's the soup and the salad

As we were enjoying our appetisers, the staffs started bringing freshly baked pies to the customers. Here's the chicken pot pie which was the best pie that day! They serve many pies but for the buffet, they rotate 5 pies on different days. I visited on a Wednesday.

Mac and cheese pie, which I really enjoyed!

This is the chilli beans pie which was good too

We opted for the more expensive mains. If you choose the Cajun tandoori chicken, you wouldn't have to pay extra, but we ordered the Angus beef steak which requires an addition 550yen and the Norwegian salmon, plus 250 yen.

The beef was good but not the best. As for the salmon, I thought it was ok but aunt felt that it was under seasoned.

Then came the anchovies pie which was super fishy and none of us enjoyed it at all!

Chicken pie again because it was super delicious~!!!

When you're done and couldn't take any more pie, just place this on your turn table and they will not serve you anymore pies.

I really enjoyed the food and will definitely be back for more!! Just not on Wednesdays as I want to try other pies! :)

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