Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Eating Japan - Bread series 3

This time round, rather than bread, they're more like the baked series~

1. Ohisama no tamago - Praline

Slightly on the sweet side but I like the texture

2. Styleone honey french toast

I really like this on days when I'm too busy to prepare breakfast. The toast is thick and juicy, hence keeps my tummy full till lunch.

3. Cherie Dolce- Marble choco pound

The beautiful marbling effect attracted me first but that buttery taste.....ooo so addictive! Love this after my lunch as a dessert or as a late afternoon snack.

4. Cherie Dolce yam cheese tart

First time seeing a yam cheese tart and it was surprisingly delicious~

5. Cherie Dolce baked cheese tart

This is good and is my Americna colleague's favourite. He would have it almost every day after lunch!

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