Thursday, October 6, 2016

Eating Japan - Instant ramen series 3

1. PrimeOne Taiwan maze soba

I thought that this would be good based on the picture but I was wrong! Probably one of the worst instant ramen I've had.

2. RANA Ravioli con funghi

Was super happy to see this at the super market......I've been craving for stuffed pasta! However, due to my bad cooking skills on making the sauce, it didn't turn out that great! 

3. Ippeichan Karamentaiko

This is the BEST!!!! I LOVE mentaiko flavoured yakisoba! They're super delicious~!!! 

This one came with 3 packages - sauce, furikake and the mayo~!!! Mayo just somehow makes yakisoba taste better! If it's not enough, always feel free to add more~

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