Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Eating Japan - Snack series 5

1. Calbee Ceasar Salad thick cut chips

Calbee potato chips are usually good, no matter what the flavour is.
This was yummy too and I especially like the thick crinkle cut!

2. Nissin Coconut sable - triple nuts sable

Always enjoyed this coconut sable cookies but it's the first time I'm having the triple nuts version and it's delicious!

3. Shoei Delicacy Matcha Douraku

A packet with 3 different match goodies - matcha cookie, matcha-crunch chocolate and matcha chocolate!

4. StyleOne Caramel popcorn

Great after-dinner snack, for when you're watching youtube~!!! hahaha....

5. Calbee Jagabee Butter Shoyuu

So, so, soooo....gooood~!!! Butter just makes everything taste so much better! Butter shoyu is the best flavour ever~!!!! Highly recommended! So good that I've bought it several times now.

6. Sekai no Kitchen five cooked berries

While I love berries, this loses out in taste compared to the lychee version!

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