Tuesday, October 25, 2016

First live talk event

Went over to Mish's place one weekend and we had lunch nearby her apartment

I had the gateau chocolate and she had the pizza~

The pizza was huge and delicious! I would definitely love to revisit this place the next time for their pizza which was delicious.

Unfortunately, I was still too full from sushi in the morning to order another pizza.

After that we went to her place where she got all dolled up in yukata for a VK event. After her event with her friend, I went to join them for tea at チーズアンドドリア スイーツ (CHEES&DORIA SWEETS)in Lumine EST.

My delicious kinako and kuromitsu waffle~ heehee.....can't get enough of Wa desserts~

I too joined them for their next talk event thanks to the extra tickets that Mish's friend had. A talk event by a VK group called Morrigan. It was interesting for me as it was the first time I attended such an event.

And, of course.....we ended the night with purikura~ Even with the normal settings, our eyes had been magnified to look like dolls.

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