Monday, October 3, 2016

Hakone Palace Hotel

For our trip to Hakone, we booked a place a tHakone Palace Hotel, which was located on top of a hill and hence offers a beautiful view of Lake Ashi.

We booked a triple room.

That was pretty huge. It came with a study table, TV, closet, coffee table, couch, a dressing table, coffee table and bathroom.

Pretty common in most hotels in Japan

The bathtub that I did not use as I always take a bath at the onsen.


Free amenities

The rooms are expensive as I was looking for a place with western style rooms, onsen, nice view and access to bus transportation.

Yup, I'm just blown away by the view~ This was taken from the balcony of our floor. But our room offers the same view.

This hotel is just one stop from Togendai. While it is pretty far from other restaurants and stuffs, it was easily accessible. The bus stop was right in front of the hotel and buses come pretty often. As we bought the Odakyu free pass, all these buses are available to us for free.

There's also Odakyu bus that you can take

Here's a sample map of the bus lines and bus stops

I absolutely enjoyed the onsen in this hotel. I take a bath there every morning and night. It's clean and has all the amenities that you would require. There's an outdoor and indoor onsen. Of course the outdoor one was way better than the indoor one! 

Oooo...I'm missing it already~!!!!

Then in the lobby, there's a shop which sells Peter rabbit items.

One morning, we woke up to this beautiful view with a double rainbow~!!! <3

So happy that I got to see both ends of the rainbow~

But that amazing view didn't last long....when the sky cleared up, the rainbows were gone too....

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