Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Japan -Beauty series 2

1. Utena Skin conditioner -Rose

This product is really good for summer when you don't want to put on a thick layer of lotion on your body. Just use this!

2. Biore sara sara powder sheet~ Aqua oasis rose

Perfect for summer~ when you're all hot and sweaty, just use this to freshen up! The sheets feel cool and doesn't leave your skin feeling sticky!

3. Porepatty BB cream enrich 02

I probably bought the wrong item for summer as the product says "enrich". It's a little too moisturizing for me for summer. So I've actually saved this product for use in Autumn.

4. BeeHeartB*Mary contact lens

I've been wanting to buy colour lenses in Japan for a long time because they're just sooo pretty and I was super happy when I found pink circle lenses in Donquixote. 

I've worn them and friends had told me that it doesn't look unnatural, which was good!

5. Ducato Blue skinny

I've fallen in love with Ducato nail polishes ever since I bought the first bottle. I thought that blue was a perfect colour for summer and hence bought it! I love the colour and consistency of this nail polish! Would definitely buy more polishes from this brand.

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