Sunday, October 9, 2016


The next morning, we took the bus to Togendai Port, hoping to catch a ride on the cable car to Owakudani. Unfortunately, due to the bad weather and possible thunderstorms, the cable car was not in operation that day.

So we hopped onto the Hakone sightseeing cruise again.

It was a different cruise ship this time.

Once at Hakone-machiko, we changed to a bus for Kazamtsuri, which is an area famous for kamaboko.

This is the super machine in all buses that dispenses tickets, collets money and gives change!

We arrived at the Suzuhiro Kamaboko Museum which offers an interactive class where you can make Kamaboko.

All the kids concentrating hard on their kamaboko~

The grilling process~

Next, we headed to the Suzunari Market. 

Mum and aunt were especially happy with all the kamaboko on display that were free for all to try. We bought food one of the restaurant there.

 Their summer only special- which was an assortment of vegetables with kamaboko (1,200 yen) and a kaisen okonomi (720 yen). 

The kaisen okonomiyaki is my favourite~!!! Springy kamaboko!

After that we ordered desserts too.... We had a pumpkin gelato (380 yen) and a peach gelato (410 yen). I guess the peach one was slightly more expensive because it was in season during that time.

Lol~ and also some little red bean manjyus to try. These were good as they were filled with red bean paste!!

Apparently, Kazamatsuri is famous for their kamaboko because of their beautiful water which makes delicious kamaboko~

After that, we went on the Hakone Tozan Train~

We had to take a transfer.....

 .......before we arrive at Gotemba Outlet Mall.

From here, it was another direct bus back to the hotel~

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