Saturday, October 1, 2016

Odaiba day trip

Third visit to Toyota MegaWeb

While I don't have a license to test drive any of the cars, it is still interesting to look at the designs of some of the cars.

Lol, my dream pink car?

This mini one is not too bad! 
Perfect for a single person to get to work.....probably need some doors as the driver might get wet from the rain.

For lunch, we went to Odaiba Decks and had some qyouzas which were so-so.

Gindaco takoyaki which is always delicious! So good that we bought a second tray.

Hanamaru udon~

First time seeing Mr. Gundam in person~

As it was drizzling, we went back indoors to shop summore and got freshly fried Calbee - sarada sticks!
This was super delicious. I like this sooo much more compared to the packaged one, started drizzling again. Look at the dark clouds~

But we really wanted to get some nice outdoor pics so we braved the rain! hahaha....

And the sky cleared up in 5 mins!

Odaiba always bring back such sweet memories to me from my very first trip to Japan!

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