Friday, October 21, 2016

Odaiba Trick Art Museum and Zest Cantina

Visited a trick art museum for the first time in my life~

 Odaiba trick art museum

According to my colleague who has been to other trick art museums, she said that is one was pretty small

But nonetheless, it was fun for me as it was my first time~

Though it is kinda difficult to get a good angle

I really like this shot~!!! OVERCOMING OBSTACLES while still maintaining a perfect smile! Lol~

I'm a magician!

Run away while you can~

Help me~

Oh no~~~!!!

Somebody catch me!

While the trick art museum was fun, I think that most people will not return to the same museum twice unless there's a change in the exhibits.

After that, we grabbed dinner at Zest Cantina.

 Had been craving for the taste of tropical fruits for some time now and this is the perfect drink to cure that - Mango coconut

Mango juice with thick coconut milk~ yummy and refreshing!

According to K this is one of the best fries she's had in Japan!

My enchiladas which was good but small

Had to order another dish of garlic prawns as my main wasn't filling enough

Beautiful night view of Odaiba~

Love this view!! Absolutely perfect for a date night!!!

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