Tuesday, October 11, 2016


heehee.... Ultraman Victory was on TV while I was having breakfast in the hotel room~ Also, at that time, I happened to be texting T san regarding the Ultra Fest.

Owakudani was seriously one of the highlights of this trip. I really wanted to bring mum there as the area had been closed off to tourists for almost a year and it just opened back a few weeks before mum arrived.

While the rope way wasn't in operation the day before, it was finally in operation on the day that we were leaving. Luckily, we had light luggages with us.

The view was pretty~

For our trip back home, I had planned for us to make good use of our 3 day Odakyu pass. Hence, we changed to different mode of transportation many times that day.

Oooo....can't see a thing~

I remembered having these black eggs that were supposed to increase your life  for 7 years back in 2005. 

There's 5 in a bag~

No worries, the egg shell turned black due to a chemical reaction with sulphur, but the egg inside is completely normal.


Sulphur pits~

From there, we continued our journey on the ropeway.

From Souzan onwards, we took the cable car down the hill~

Then from Gora we transferred to the Hakone Tozan train back to Hakone-yumoto, where we transferred into a normal train to Odawara. From Odawara, we took another train back to Shinjuku! 

What a day!!!

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