Thursday, October 13, 2016

Tea break at Gontran

Back from Hakone and we were feeling hungry, so we decided to grab some bread from Gontran Cherrier.

I just grabbed four bread which looked good to me as Mum and Aunt went to grab seats.

I had this pizza bread before with Mish and it was delicious!!!

This orange dessert was good too while it was slightly too sweet.

I love sweet bread like this one here, especially when they're topped with almonds~

I had this one the last time I was here, another sweet bread and it was delicious. I probably have made some wrong choices as while I have a sweet tooth, Mum and Aunt don't! They didn't enjoy my selection of bread as much as I did!

And lastly, Green smoothie.....just so I can pretend to be healthy!

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