Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Togendai View Restaurant

Togendai View Restaurant

Decided to grab early dinner as we waited for the next ride from Togendai Port to Moto-Hakone Port.

Aunt had the hot soba with tempura shrimp

I ordered the pork curry

Mum had the cold soba with tempura shrimp

Beautifully presented

We sat at the counter table which offers a nice view of Lake Ashi and you can actually see the cruise.

After that, we went on board the Hakone sightseeing cruise which is free again with the free pass.

I highly recommend the free pass to anyone who's travelling to Hakone as it really saves you a lot of money on transportation. We paid 5,640 yen each for a 3 day pass from Shinjuku.

Hey there! You must be the Captain!

The cruise is free seating. You can opt to stand too....

As we leave the port~

Bye bye~ Togendai Port~

The weather was gloomy and cloudy most of the time we were in Hakone and hence, no Mount Fuji view for us!!!

The trees in Hakone are really beautiful~

It's amazing how beautiful nature is and how peaceful it makes you feel~

Another cruise passing by~

Here's we can see the tori of Hakone shrine

This is a popular picture spot for locals and tourists

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