Saturday, October 15, 2016

Tsukiji & Ueno

Brought Mum and Aunt to Tsukiji market~

We walked around the market to see what they offered before deciding where to have lunch.

While walking around, we spotted this shop which sold grilled scallops with uni, so we had to try one. While the scallop was amazing, the uni on this wasn't that great.

In the end, we decided to dine at Sushi Zanmai Honten because there was no queue outside and we can to dine comfortable in a air-conditioned room.

We ordered two platter~ Sushi Zanmai (3,000 yen before tax)

Aoi lunch plate (2,000 yen before tax)

While we waited for the other food to come, I spilled miso soup on myself and smelled like miso soup the entire day!

Shishamo (500 yen before tax)

Gindara (800 yen before tax)

While there wasn't anything that was too "WOW".....overall the food was good and it's a plus point that we didn't have to queue under the hot weather.

After Tsukiji, we headed to Ueno as Aunt wanted to buy some gold stuffs. I've been to Ueno several times but never knew that there were so many gold shops in the area!

While waiting for aunt, I got myself some kakigoori at this shop that allowed "kakehoudai" so I picked grape and stawberry flavours for my ice!

Some of the customers just ate near the area and kept drenching syrup over their ice! And naturally, they complained that it was too sweet near the end hahaha.....

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