Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Eating Japan - Instant ramen series 4

1. Ippudo ramen

Found this in the local convenient store and decided to try them. While they were good, I still prefer a pipping hot bowl of ramen from an actual Ippudo ramen shop anytime~!!! But these are great, if you do not have an Ippudo where you live.

Ok, the next few one are Malaysian instant noodles, but they shall be included in this section because I had them in Japan.

2. MyKuali Penang white curry noodle

Miss this~ While again, I prefer an actual bowl of Malaysian curry noodle, this will have to do for now....

3. MiSedap MiGoreng

I always enjoy mee goreng as a snack! I still prefer the Indomee brand.

4. MyKuali Penang Hokkien Prawn noodle

First time trying them and while the soup is lacking in the actual prawn flavour. I feel that the fried anchovies added to make it a little more authentic. Still good~

5. Nissin Bagna Cauda 

I've been obsessed with bagna cauda since I had the salad in a restaurant once.

But unfortunately, the instant noodle was nothing like the salad that I had. This is the light version so it's not as salty as normal cup noodles. If you like veg, this is a good cup noodle for you because there's so much veg in it compared to others. There's even renkon (lotus root) and pumpkin~!!!!

6. Ipperichan Potemayo (Potato and mayo)

At first I found it interesting that there were actually dried pieces of potato in the package, I  didn't really enjoy them or this flavour. The mentaiko version is a lot better.

7. Yamachan Shoyu Tonkotsu

Had this for lunch at work. The taste was ok, but nothing that made me go "wow".

8. Nissin Seafood

This is the biggest cup noodle I've seen! Got a little too greedy with this. I was struggling to finish this.....

While I've always enjoyed this flavour, I will not buy it in this size again. Rather than enjoying it, I was forcing myself to swallow the remaining noodles.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

VIN ROUGE VIN BLANC (ヴァンルージュ・ヴァンブラン)

Went for lunch one weekend at VIN ROUGE VIN BLANC (ヴァンルージュ・ヴァンブラン) at Shin Marunouchi Building.

I ordered their lunch set which costs about 1,600-1800 yen. The set came with a drink, salad, main and dessert! 

The top was my main that came with pasta, bun, pumpkin salad, fish and chicken. Everything on my plate was delicious~!!! 

This here was the dessert that came with the set, a delicious chocolate mousse cake and cream puff!

Sunday, November 27, 2016

MOKUOLA Dexee Diner

Went for dinner with YH dinner at MOKUOLA Dexee Diner in Lumine, Ikebukuro.

As I had a really full lunch before I met her, I only ordered an appetiser for my main.

Love the bbq and cheese sauce~!!! 
Sooo flavourful~

Would love to be back to try their main!

Friday, November 25, 2016

SKEW, Yurakucho

Met up with A san for lunch at SKEW (スキュー)in Marui, Yurakucho.

We both ordered the healthy lunch (ヘルシーランチ) at 1,200円.
This came with soup and bread or rice.

Looks amazing doesn't it?

This comes with fresh, seasonal vegetables with some side dishes.....the perfect meal for those who are health conscious.

I guess when girls get together, it's only normal for us to talk about love~ LOL

Anyways, food at SKEW was delicious. I enjoyed everything on my plate especially the pumpkin. Plus, it was a pleasant surprise to see a pear on my salad!

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Yokohama Chinatown

Lunch with colleagues at Yokohama's Chinatown.

We went to this all-you-can-eat chinese restaurant whose name I forgot.

The early birds!

Here are some pictures of the food that we ordered. I think this was the first half of our orders and after that I just got lazy! LOL

Jelly fish

Pei tan

Tan tan men

Fish with lemon sauce

Sitr fried veg

Sweet and sour pork

Ebi chilli

Char siu

Nope, just doesn't cut it! I miss the ones back home!

Braised pork belly with steamed buns

Peking duck

While it looks decent in this picture, it was the worst peking duck I've ever had and the worst dish of the day! The crepe was super thick, the duck skin was not crispy and that sauce just didn't taste nice!

Some pan fried dumplings which I did not try

Best dish of the day!! PRAWNS!!!! So good, I ordered a second plate!

Steamed pork which tasted weird

A group pic~

While it was worth it if you are a big eater, I felt that sometimes quality is better than quantity. I didn't find any of the dishes particularly delicious, except for the prawns. Also, some of the dishes were just weird or not suited to our taste buds. So I don't think there will be a second time. 

Monday, November 21, 2016

Yobansadouoshin (4番サード魚真) Shibuya

Went for dinner with the U crew one night with an acquaintance who came all the way from Thailand.

We had dinner at this izakaya which served by far the best sashimi I've had in Japan!

The sashimi platter that came with 6 different types of sashimi. My first time trying the katsuo....

Everything was super fresh and delicious!

Even the prawn and ikura salad was delicious~!!!

Not mine, but I found the sake bottle pretty

Ika and tako....the best tako sashimi I've had. They're usually pretty chewy and I don't like that, but these....none of that rubbery feel!

Tamago.....can never go wrong with this!

Love the fried fishes!

Omg~ absolutely delicious squid!!!

Uni & Ikura don <3 
Best uni ever!!!! 

Grilled sanma, a perfect dish for autumn. We had a perfect deboner on our table! Look at the deboned fish!

Ochazuke, I didn't not try this but it looked good

Desserts, which I did not try too so I can't comment on the taste

Picture with the peeps from dinner~

Huge thanks to T san who was not present that night but paid for dinner!

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Eating Japan - Snack series 8

1. Pachipachi Panic

Please ignore the marker and focus on the red packet hahaha.... I received this entire pack from a student. The pachipachi panic is cola flavoured. This is like those fizzy, popping candies that I used to love as a child! So happy to have one again!

2. Sekai no kitchen Gummy candy in salted lychee and salted lime

Love their drink series. The salted lychee drink was sooo good for summer! But this gummy candy was delicious too! Love the tangy flavours~

3. Mister Donut

Love Mister Donut~ makes a great afternoon snack! I don't like their mochi and cake type. I prefer the normal chocolate coated ones.

4. Sesame mochi

Received this as a gift from H, from her trip to Hokkaido. While I'm not a fan of mochi, this is good as the sesame filling was fragrant and the mochi has a good texture to it.

5. Black sesame coated fish sticks

I bought this from tsukiji market and I absolutely love it!!! Soooo delicious~ it makes such a great snack for when I'm watching youtube. Salty, fishy and flavourful!

6. Calbee Unagi Kabayaki

This is probably my least favourite Calbee flavour. While yes, it is smokey as how unagi kabayaki should was a bit too smokey for me.

7. Calbee Shiawase Butter

Basically translates to happy butter and yes~ you feel sooo much happier having this! I absolutely love this flavour! So good that I keep buying them over and over again! What's there not to love about honey, butter and parsley?

8. Tohato Caramel Corn - Sweet potato

This was their limited edition flavour....and this was super good! Love sweet potato~

9. Luna Tokimeki Cafe - Alfonso Mango Lassi

The closest thing you can get to a real mango lassi. This was thick and refreshing~

10. Altoieds Artic - Strawberry

Received this as a gift from my colleague and loved them. Great as breath mints. 

11. Rice crakers - salad, custard, matcha

I highly recommend the rice crackers from this brand. The salad ones is the one that I see all the time at grocery stores. This is the first time I've seen them in custard and match flavours. And, I love them all.....can't decide which flavour is the best! I hope they will sell them again as I haven't seen them since I bought them.

12. Pretz - Sweet potato

As autumn was getting near, there were many sweet potato snacks in the market....which explains why I have so many snacks in sweet potato flavour. Pretz is always good, just like Pocky. You can really taste the sweet potato flavour and this goes so well with the slight salty flavour of the Pretz sticks.

13. Calbee - Salted seaweed thick cut crinkle fries

A very common flavour but love thick cut crinkle chips~ 

While I did not buy all these below, but I just wanna show all the interesting packaging for Halloween~

Soo cute right? Marketing strategies!! Makes you wanna buy the entire store!!