Thursday, November 3, 2016

Cafe By The Sea ルミネ新宿店

On H's last day in Tokyo, we went for lunch at Cafe By The Sea in Lumine Shinjuku.

We opted for the lunch sets that came with soup, drink and desserts!

Grill chicken (1, 200yen)

The mushroom was really delicious! Maybe the next time, I will ordered this dish!

Risotto (1, 120yen)
H and I ordered the risotto which was good but it's more like plain rice in a seafood base soup.

Corn soup
This was delicious as with those served at other restaurants.

For desserts, we each ordered something different.....

Peanut waffle
The waffle was good but compared to the other 2 desserts, not as good.

Brownie Casis Parfait
My dessert order which was absolutely delicious! Everything just complemented each other really well!

Coconut mango sundae
The coconut ice cream was just spot on! I think I will order this dessert for my next visit~

Overall, the meal came up to 5, 270yen after tax.

A zarusuberi tree near my house with it's beautiful pink flowers at the beginning of August~!!! <3

A picture from the night before at an izakaya in Shibuya. Also where I found out that not all cocktails are made the same! And drinking on an empty stomach could make you drunk.

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