Friday, November 4, 2016

Eating Japan - Snack series 6

1. Fresh from the factory potato chips!

Was in akarenga with mum when we spotted this interesting potato chips! Apparently, they're freshly made from the factory and expires in about a week from their date of production. While they're expensive, I've decided to give them a try....

...and they were delicious! They were very lightly seasoned and hence. not salty. They are also thinly sliced and therefore super crispy!

2. Calbee potato sarada

Fresh calbee is the best! For this series, I prefer the fresh one so much more than the packaged one. But beware as these are piping hot!!!

3. Asahi Slat Lemon

Ok, not exactly a snack. But why not place it here! 

hahaha...I never buy alcohol...but just to introduce mum to japanese alcohol~ and this was not too bad actually. Even I who hates the bitterness of alcoholic drinks can swallow this drink down without any problems. Lol....

4. Hakone black sesame sweet

If you like the taste of black sesame, you will surely enjoy this snack! The black sesame was coated with a thin layer of candy. You can easily chew on it and it's not sticky on your teeth. 

5. Calbee Pizza flavoured potato chips with melted cheese

If you love pizza, this chips is for you! My colleagues and I first tried this out at the school meeting and we were basically fighting over it! So good, that I had to go and buy my own!

6. Pocky Crystal salty

Summer was so hot that Pocky came up with a salty flavoured version to help cool us down~

7. Peanut chocolate~

This is one of the best chocolate ever and it's super cheap! Plus you can get it anywhere! Whenever you feel like having some chocolate, you can grab this because it's yummy and easy to share!

7. Mentai ring~

Again, another delicious product like the peanut chocolate that is easily available everywhere and by different brands! And so cheap too~!!! 

8. Recaldent peach flavoured gum

Lol, this is actually for kids but I like the packaging so much, I decided to get it! 

The thing about buying gums in Japan is that you get his little stack of paper inside (the green one) for you to dispose your chewed gum in!

9. Cheetos Barbeque flavour

10. Kikkoman glavoured soy milk

Funky flavoured soy milk which I did not get a chance to taste~ hahaha because I gave this to my aunt when she was here.

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