Sunday, November 20, 2016

Eating Japan - Snack series 8

1. Pachipachi Panic

Please ignore the marker and focus on the red packet hahaha.... I received this entire pack from a student. The pachipachi panic is cola flavoured. This is like those fizzy, popping candies that I used to love as a child! So happy to have one again!

2. Sekai no kitchen Gummy candy in salted lychee and salted lime

Love their drink series. The salted lychee drink was sooo good for summer! But this gummy candy was delicious too! Love the tangy flavours~

3. Mister Donut

Love Mister Donut~ makes a great afternoon snack! I don't like their mochi and cake type. I prefer the normal chocolate coated ones.

4. Sesame mochi

Received this as a gift from H, from her trip to Hokkaido. While I'm not a fan of mochi, this is good as the sesame filling was fragrant and the mochi has a good texture to it.

5. Black sesame coated fish sticks

I bought this from tsukiji market and I absolutely love it!!! Soooo delicious~ it makes such a great snack for when I'm watching youtube. Salty, fishy and flavourful!

6. Calbee Unagi Kabayaki

This is probably my least favourite Calbee flavour. While yes, it is smokey as how unagi kabayaki should was a bit too smokey for me.

7. Calbee Shiawase Butter

Basically translates to happy butter and yes~ you feel sooo much happier having this! I absolutely love this flavour! So good that I keep buying them over and over again! What's there not to love about honey, butter and parsley?

8. Tohato Caramel Corn - Sweet potato

This was their limited edition flavour....and this was super good! Love sweet potato~

9. Luna Tokimeki Cafe - Alfonso Mango Lassi

The closest thing you can get to a real mango lassi. This was thick and refreshing~

10. Altoieds Artic - Strawberry

Received this as a gift from my colleague and loved them. Great as breath mints. 

11. Rice crakers - salad, custard, matcha

I highly recommend the rice crackers from this brand. The salad ones is the one that I see all the time at grocery stores. This is the first time I've seen them in custard and match flavours. And, I love them all.....can't decide which flavour is the best! I hope they will sell them again as I haven't seen them since I bought them.

12. Pretz - Sweet potato

As autumn was getting near, there were many sweet potato snacks in the market....which explains why I have so many snacks in sweet potato flavour. Pretz is always good, just like Pocky. You can really taste the sweet potato flavour and this goes so well with the slight salty flavour of the Pretz sticks.

13. Calbee - Salted seaweed thick cut crinkle fries

A very common flavour but love thick cut crinkle chips~ 

While I did not buy all these below, but I just wanna show all the interesting packaging for Halloween~

Soo cute right? Marketing strategies!! Makes you wanna buy the entire store!!

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