Saturday, November 5, 2016

とんこつらーめん 俺式 純 (Oreshiki Tonkotsu Ramen) & 京橋千疋屋 (Kyobashi Senbikiya)

Met up with SC for late lunch or early dinner at とんこつらーめん 俺式 純 (Tonkotsu Ramen) at Toyko Station's Ichibangai Ramen Street.

SC's zeitaku version with 2 charsiu and mentaiko~

My simple one with just 1 charsiu and egg

The soup was delicious and I like that there's goma at the side for us to add on to the ramen! Plus there's black fungus in their ramen!!!

After ramen, we went for dessert just further down from the Ramen Street, at 京橋千疋屋 (Kyobashi Senbikiya) which serves premium fruit desserts!

Pudding with seasonal fruits and a selection of 3 ice cream! The pudding was delicious and naturally the fruits were amazing. The ice cream were my favourite~

This is their seasonal item - mango dessert with orange, lychee, watermelon, mango, ice cream and coconut shavings!

Another good day out filled with yummy food! :)

Next time, I will be back to try their set lunches which came with fruit sandwiches as  I've never tried one before~

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