Saturday, December 3, 2016

Art Aquarium

After dinner, we headed back to Coredo for the Art Aquarium and was surprised to find that there was no queue at all~!!!! 


I'm so glad that we came back because it was super beautiful~

A brief explanation

The aquariums~

You get to see many different kinds of gold fish there! Some I've never seen before.

The tanks and lighting makes everything looks amazing!

One of the most interesting gold fish I've seen that night! Look at their puffy cheeks!!!!

A little info on the water environment

Since it's night time, there was a DJ there and they served alcohol so you can have your drink and dance to music while enjoying the art aquarium.

They have many amazing pieces there....

They look amazing with the lights

Only problem was that there were so many people there that it was hard to snap picture of the exhibits.

Hello Nemo~!

Also some people just hog a certain exhibit without caring that there were others behind them that wanted to view the exhibits too.

Lol.....ppl queuing just to get some pictures.

The last and final exhibit was amazing.

This screen here will transform into various zen sceneries and there's matching traditional Japanese music in the background too.

Lol...only one good shot of myself by K san. Arigatou~! There were just too many people to get a good shot.

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