Saturday, December 31, 2016

Eating Japan - Bread series 4

1. Chateraise Ujimatcha roll cake

This is probably one of the best baked good I've had from Chateraise. The green team cream was light and so was the roll cake! 

2. Cherie Dolce honey lemon pound cake

Love these as my mid afternoon snacks! The texture is really good and not too sweet.

3. StyleOne chocolate chip stick bread

This kind of bread is like my lazy and easy go to snack. Convenient plus they're cheap!

4. 7&i almond topped egg cake

Nope, not a fan of this! I don't really enjoy these kind of soft and super moist cake

5. Cherie Dolce Earl Grey Madeleine

Sweet but yummy~

6. Russian Cake- peanut chocolate

Received this from a colleague and it was good. But the size was a little too tiny!

7. Pasco Florentine

Not sure why but no matter how I tried, the picture appears upside down!

This here is sweet but I really like it! There a nice tart base, soft cake in the middle and sweet but crunchy almond slices on top!! A really delicious combination!

8. Walnut Melon pan

Pretty plain but it's not easy to find walnut bread here. So if you like walnut, you should give this a try.

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