Friday, December 2, 2016

Eating Japan - Granola series 2

Granola here are soo good and there are so many limited edition flavours to try.

1. Calbee Tropical Mix (Coconut)

This one here was a summer limited edition flavour.

Love the fried mango and papaya pieces that remained super crunchy even when coated with yogurt. I also enjoyed the taste of the coconut flakes~

2. Calbee 4 kinds of fruit (Maple flavour)

Is there anyone who doesn't like maple?

Come with sweet potato, walnut, raspberry and raisins. While this is sweet, I enjoy this with plain yogurt that's slightly tangy. If you love sweet potato and maple, this is a must try!!

3. Nissin granola

This one from Nissin is also a limited edition one for Autumn. It comes with sweet potato, chestnut and pumpkin. While this one is good too, I prefer the sweet potato one from Calbee, maybe because it's maple flavoured!

4. Calbee Black bean kinako

This here is like a staple in my pantry because I buy it sooo often! I love kinako and who knew that it would be good in granola too? Also, I love the fragrance of black bean from this.

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