Sunday, December 18, 2016

Eating Japan - Ice cream series 8

1. Haagen Dazs Alfonso mango & cream

This is a really good combination! I really enjoy the flavours especially since I've been craving for mangoes!

The cream coloured one is the cream and the orange coloured one is the mango. Both of them go so well together!

2. Garigarikun Pear

First time tasting pear ice cream and it's nice actually. Love that it's a popsicle because when it melts, it reminds you of really juicy pears.

3. Chateraise Belgian Chocolate Soft ice cream

I felt that this product was just ok. Luckily the cone was not soft and the soft serve filled the entire cone.

4. Dole Sweetio

I really enjoy these mini Dole popsicles. They make for such great snacks during summer or when you just reach home and needed something to cool you down quickly. This one here come in 4 flavours - grapes, pineapple, apple and orange. Cheap but delicious~

5. Meiji Super Cup Caramel Cookie

I really like the caramel flavour of the ice cream and what's not to love about oreo cookie bits? 
Again, cheap but delicious~ 
Love it so much that I bought it several times during summer!

6. Haagen Dazs Japonais Kuromitsu kinako

I just had to buy this when I saw this because it's the best combination ever~!!! 
Kuromitsu and kinako~ <3

This one here has red bean paste too and it really reminds you of a traditional Japanese dessert.

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