Saturday, December 17, 2016

Hokkaido food fair in Yoyogi and dinner at Omotesando

Invited Mish and Yh to join me at Yoyogi for the Hokkaido food fair as I really wanted to go!!!

First up was this store that sells rice on sticks, wrapped in bbq pork!

We also got grille scallops from the same store!

The pork and rice was just ok but I enjoyed the scallops.

Moving on, we went to this stall that sells grilled mushrooms, drenched in mayo and topped with cheese!!! hahaha.....for the cheese version that is.

We ordered both the butter shoyu and the cheese version.

Both the flavours were amazing!! <3 ooo....the mushrooms were super juicy and the sauce/ toppings just made everything taste that much better!!!!

Highly recommend these! If you do find them anywhere, you have to try them!!!

Moving on, we went to this stall that had a super long queue!

Our 1,500 yen salmon and ikura don~

This dish here is definitely the dish of the day! Those were the bet ikura I've had in my entire life! 
You know how ikura pops in your mouth when you bite onto it, this one here is almost crunchy! Not that it's really crunchy but you get what I mean. They're super amazing! So amazing that I thought of coming back the next day just for it!

They even sold special drinks there which I later found out was available for a cheaper price at a Hokkaido Fair near my place! ahahah

Just had to try this cheese stick too. One all to myself because the girls were already full.

After that we also got some hokkaido melon and vanilla soft serve for dessert. While I'm not a fan of vanilla soft serve, these were delicious! Kinda regretted that we did not get the half-melon one.

A OOTD pic~

To celebrate Mish's Bday, we went to Urth cafe in Omotesando and got a little banana tart (600yen) to share among us.


It's interesting how much more genki we look with just lip colours.

Mish and YH ordered this half chicken salad (1,240yen) which was huge!

My lasagna (1,380yen) which was absolutely delicious~

We walked into a grocery store after that and I spotted this huge pear!!! It was finally pear season in Japan~!!!

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