Friday, December 9, 2016

JS Burgers and ramen at Ikebukuro

Wend for lunch with K at Lumine Ikebuuro's JS burgers Cafe.

Soft shell shrimp sandwich with fries

This was ok but I still prefer MOS burger over this anytime! heehee..... 

K's beef burger with fries

Don't think she was satisfied with her meal. hahaha.....

Cute pikachus at the pokemon centre.

Some idol boy group was having an event at Sunshine City that day and there were many fan girls queuing up to take pictures with them.

Hallowen themed~! Sooo cute!

After that, I met up with cuzzie and his wife for early dinner at a hakata ramen shop near Don quixote.

A group pic~

Thanks for the treat!

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