Thursday, December 1, 2016

Nihombashi and Marunouchi

Visited Nihombashi, as in the real bridge, for the first time with K san. 

I didn't know that the bridge had such a significance.

The bridge was really pretty and there were many tourists in the area with tour guides explaining about the bridge's history.

There were also some local photographer there taking pictures of the bridge.

We were supposed to head to Coredo for the Art Aquarium but because the queue was too long, we walked to Marunouchi area and went to the nearby castle grounds instead.

There were so many joggers in the area. I guess the long, flat ground make for a nice jogging ground.

While we were not allowed to enter, the view from outside was pretty too....

I read online there are rental bikes nearby. I want to come and cycle around the castle grounds next time.

After that we grabbed dinner at Oden Kashimin (おでん かしみん), Marunouchi Iiyo!

I came here with Steph and couldn't get a seat before.

I love how they used charcoal to heat the oden and there's so many condiments for the oden.

The food there was amazing, especially the daikon!!!! Love oden, this would be the perfect dinner on a cold autumn/ winter night!

Look at his amazing oden device~!!! And look at the soup!!! Super thick and flavourful~!!! <3

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