Thursday, December 29, 2016

Showa Kinen Park, Tachikawa

Arrived at the station early and spotted Bake. Of course, I had to get us some.

Initially, we wanted to buy food from the konbini and just picnic at the park.....but because it was cold that day, we went for shabu-shabu instead!

We found an all-you-can-eat place and ate to our heart's conent!

So happy to be back at the park after 6 months!

The park is huge and beautiful~

Honestly, this is the perfect date spot!!!

This was probably the day I took the most number of selfies!

Look at the beautiful cosmos flowers~

Can't get enough of them

They're available in both yellow and orange.

There were seriously many people there...couples, families and friends!

Many brought mats to lie on the ground and many brought stuffs to play with.

Us, we just brought ourselves, our phones and our Bake cheese tarts! hahaha

But look at us, we're happy with just the flowers alone!

Can't get enough of all the silly pictures that we took.

We even tried panaroma shots.

After the first session, we decided to just sit down on the grass and enjoy our Bake cheese tarts. Love them, always soooo good~

Moving on to another area, we found more beautiful white flowers.

I seriously don't know what we're doing there.

At least we all looked extremely happy!


Love this shot.

Lol~ our attempt at a jump shot.

This park is really good every month of the year.

There are many things that you can do in the park other than just flower viewing.

There's a water park, bbq area, cycling path....there's even a lake with boats.

But I guess, if I were there on a date, I would be happy to just sit down on the grass while enjoying the flowers and talking about everything under the sun.

There are really many couples there, you can see many of them cuddled together as it was cold~

One day~

Meanwhile, we'll just enjoy ourselves with our silly selfies!

Lol~ us promoting Bake?

I really like this shot~

After the park, we went to Ikea for a light dinner. We all got the medallion.

And I got an extra cheesecake for dessert.

Note to self, next time just get the medallion~

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