Monday, December 5, 2016

Yomenya Goemon, Lumine Wing, Ofuna

I have always wanted to visit Ofuna ever since I spotted the Kannon from the train at Ofuna sation, on the way to Hakone.

There was a mikoshi event at a local shrine there, so we went to visit.

It was interesting to watch the rituals

After that, SC and I had brunch at Yomenya Goemon, Lumine Wing in Ofuna Station.

We both ordered from their special Autumn menu~ We got the set which came with a dessert and a drink for 1,530 yen.

I ordered the brinjal and mozzarella with meat sauce (炙りカチョカヴァッロと秋茄子とモッツァレラチーズのミートソース)

While the meat sauce and mozzarella went really well together, the brinjal was on the hard side. I prefer soft brinjal that has the opportunity to soak up the sauce its been cooked in more.

Meanwhile, SC ordered the 5 types of mushrooms and mozzarella with tomato sauce (5種のきのことたっぷりモッツァレラのトマトソース)

We both chose the same pumpkin desert that was probably one of the best Wa dessert I've had!

Love the pumpkin ice cream, mont blanc and that caramel sauce that went soooo well with everything!!!!

I would totally visit the place just to have this dessert again!

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