Thursday, August 17, 2017

Eating Japan - Instant ramen series 6

1. Nissin Chili Tomato

I always see my colleague eating this and decided to try it for myself one day. Overall, it was ok, not something that I would crave for.

2. Afuri Yuzu flavoured rame

Cup ramen from the famous Afuri Ramen.

Love the yuzu flavour in this~

Unfortunately, this is a limited edition item and I only got to try it once.

3. Nissin Tantanmen

This is pretty good if you like thin noodles with a sightly spicy soup.

4. Nissin Singapore Chili Crab

Was really excited to try this when I first spotted this at the konbini. Overall, it is pretty tasty, only wished for more crab meat.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Dinner at Motoyawata

First time at Motoyawata~

There were many interesting shops near the station but we picked this one that specialises in little bite size gyozas.

They had some pretty interesting food options and the food was delicious.

On your birthday, if you are a member, you get free gyozas equivalent to your age number.

I like this little fried tofu skin like things and their gyoza. Juicy and yummy~

We went to Motoyawata for Mexican food initially, but unfortunately, the restaurant was closed for a private event. So we went to an izakaya instead. As it was N's birthday, K and I treated her to dinner and desserts later on at Doutour.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Various events

Dinner with Jas and her friends again at 七輪焼肉 安安 浅草六区店.

This is a really good shot for small eater and those who don't eat beef because they offer cheap ala carte options.

As I was too focused on grilling the food, I forgot to snap at pictures of the food, except the desserts.

The next day, I went for a lanaguage exchange again and had this interesting looking turkish style pizza which costs 500yen at the cafeteria.

At night, I attended a Malaysian event which costs 4000yen. Here's my plate of food, While the price was steep, it was a nice to see other fellow Malaysians in Tokyo and taste Malaysian food.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

鉄板焼・お好み焼 莢(SAYA) 新宿内藤町本店

Was supposed to meet up with Jas at Shinjuku station early in the morning to get her JR tickets before going for lunch. But unfortunately, she got lost while exploring Shinjuku Gyoen.

Also, I mistakenly brought her to the wrong queue where we wasted some time, there wasn't enough time for a proper sit down lunch. 

Instead I bought us some doughnuts from New York Doughnut and some cheese tarts from Bake at Lumine 1.

Love the rich taste of this green tea doughnut~ Definitely one of the best I've had!

The next night, we met up at 鉄板焼・お好み焼 莢(SAYA) 新宿内藤町本店 for dinner with her housemate and her mum.


A yummy とん平焼き recommended by the waitress~

Group pic~

Kansai fuu yaki~

Cheese DX osaka yaki~

This restaurant is definitely the most high class okonomiyaki restaurant I've been to. While it was slightly more expensive than the usual, it was delicious and the service was good.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Huge temple in Tachikawa

A colleague brought me to the temple that she frequents in Tachikawa.

Breakfast at the open deck at the cafeteria.

The view was amazing because of the sakura trees.

Can't get enough of the good weather and beautiful flowers.
My breakfast~

For desserts, I had a sakura tart~

The temple grounds

There were many benches around and you can see many families having a picnic outside.

There were several interesting statues here and I particularly like this one here.

My pot of gold smile~

After that, we met up with K and head to Ikea for lunch.

Can never get enough of the food at Ikea. Cheap and good quality!

The mash potatoes was superb! The cheesecake was my colleagues and I took a bite of it. It as good too. This chocolate chip cookie here was slightly too sweet for me but it was still good.

After chit-chatting for a while, I had to go for a second round. I got these 2 items here.

The chocolate biscotti was yummy but small.

My absolute favourite. I think I might buy some frozen ones to reheat at home next time.

After all that food, we decided to head towards the station for some kushikatsu.

Yummy fried chicken

Lol, an accidental selfie

Gotta get some veg

Our kushikatsu order~ SOOOO GOOD~!!!

As for desserts, K was the only one who ordered something. hahaha.......