Sunday, December 10, 2017

Day 6

I was super excited to bring my parents one of my favourite restaurant here.

We were there early and there were already many people in the restaurant. As usual all the lunch sets there came with a salad and free flow of bread~ <3

This is dad's main of roasted pork.

Mum ordered the creamy pasta.

While I ordered this platter.

I think the high light for all of us was when they had freshly baked mini croissants which were amazing~!!! :D hahaha

Glad that dad enjoyed lunch too.

After shopping around, we went to Sushi Ro for dinner and while dad's never been a fan of sushi, he ate a few plates of non raw fish items!

For example, this huge slab of pork belly on rice. Glad that Sushi Ro offered many non fish selections for people who doesn't like raw fish!

Friday, December 8, 2017

Day 5 in Shibuya

Hahaha....Dad with hachiko. Definitely quite rare that there aren't many people surrounding hachiko.

Had to bring daddy to try ichiran ramen~

Dad loves pork based soup and I'm happy that he enjoyed the ramen here too.

Ordered extra toppings for Dad~

Ordered this green tea custard pudding for my parents to try. 

After lunch, we went shopping around Shibuya and bought many pairs of shoes from skechers! heehee.....

Before heading back home, we went for shabu-shabu buffet at Onyasai~

I'm really glad that this time I got to introduce many different kinds of Japanese food to Dad, that he can actually enjoy~! :D

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Akeno Sunflower Field, Yamanashi

I booked a HIS bus tour for us to the Akeno Sunflower Field in Yamanashi.

We went to this farm called Heidi-no-Mura Kurara-kan (ハイジの村クララ館).

Look at how pretty sun flowers are.....heehee.....they're all facing the same direction.

Look at how tall they are too!! Taller than I am! :D

Even the sky looks pretty~

Happy Daddy!

Happy Mummy!

Happy Family!

Spotted this sunflower seed ice cream and had to try it~ the sunflower seeds were delicious!

Mum love sunflower seeds and bought a pack to bring back home.

The entrance to the farm.

After the sunflowers, we went for lunch at Kiyosato Cafe (清里カフェ). The lunch buffet is included in the tour. They served healthy farm produced food.

After lunch, we went on the cable care ride up to the Kiyosato Terrace (清里テラス).

As I'm afraid of height, I'm seated in the middle~ 

The long ride up!

Look at the amazing view~!!! :D

There are many seats here which I think is perfect for couples or group of friends.

Got a little too cloudy in the afternoon.

Mum and date <3

On the way down~

After that, we went to a grape farm where we can eat all the grapes that we want. Not all kinds of grapes, just this small purples. Just a bunch is enough to make you full.

All the tourists under the grape wines.

Look at how small the grapes are.

Along the way back, I spotted some melon!!

The farm that we were brought to.

Where our buses are parked.

There an interesting BBQ garden just nearby too.

The beautiful grapes above our tour buses~

Before we left, we were each given a pack of frozen grapes which to me was an interesting texture. 

As with my previous tour, we all had to stick this sticker either on our bag or clothes to identify ourselves.

Before heading back home, we decided to stop by Osaka Ohsho for some gyouza and Dad likes them.

Love their normal gyouza! I think we ordered 2 plates of this.

We also decided to try their special garlic version which is strictly only for garlic lovers. Not recommended for those who are not a fan of garlic. hahaha....

Monday, December 4, 2017

Kusatsu Onsen, Gunma, Day 2

The next morning, after a second round of onsen, we went to a different restaurant under the hotel for breakfast.

This japanese breakfast platter here was included with our buffet breakfast. The pot behind the platter contains the "zousui" or porridge which was surprisingly good too.

Can't get enough of bread no matter where I go!

The famous mascot of Gunma.

heehee so cute!

As we had some time left before our bus after our check-out time, we went exploring behind the back alleys and found many small but interesting shops.

Love all the flower decorations with the black cat.

Can help but snap away everytime we're at the yubatake.

Trying to get a good pic~

Found this interesting spot with a sign that tells people not to throw coins into the water but it's filled with coins! hahaha...

Mum and dad <3

This area is pretty small actually.

There's this shrine on top of the hill..... Dad and I decided to walk up the stairs to check it out.

The view from the top?

Another view of the hotel.

After walking around, we went to grab lunch at a nearby restaurant that serves tempura.

This is my order of cold udon and tempura.

This is the view from  the hotel's lobby.

Late afternoon, we took a bus back to Tokyo while enjoying these yummy manjyu that Mum bought before boarding.