Friday, January 27, 2017


Tagged along with Moon on her hunt for Tokyo's best pastry~

First stop, アステリスク (ASTERISQUE) in Yoyogi Uehara.

Their display of cakes was definitely amazing. Other than cakes, they also sell various baked items such as cakes, cookies and even chocolates, that could be packed nicely to be presented as gifts.

From the number of customers that kept walking into collect their cake orders, I could tell that this is a really popular bakery!

Unfortunately, there are only 3 tables there so if you want to dine in like us, you would have to find a spot to stand and wait till your name gets called. Kinda awkward actually as the store is not very big and you feel like no matter where you stand, you're in someone's way. Most of the guests waiting are just standing in the corner where their packaged items are.

サバラン オ マロン (520 yen)
This is a chestnut savarin, which is a crown-shaped cake served with liqueur-laced syrup.

I'm not a fan of alcohol but the shape of this cake rally caught my attention! That dropper there is filled with rum which tasted bitter to me but it went well with my sweet cake.

サントノーレ (Santnore or St. Honore)

Moon's maron dessert, which was one of their chef recommended items. The cream is coffee flavoured and there are 3 caramelised choux pastry that's filled with custard.

After that we walked from Yoyogi-Uehara to Omotesando. Along the way, Moon made like at least 5 stops at various bakeries!

Xmas deco at Omotesando Hills when we were there.

Moon shopping for more chocolate pastries~

I ate this cute little クロッカンショコラ (crocan chocolate) the next morning and it was good. We bought this from the night before from 365日. This is a sweet bun that's filled with chocolate ganache cream and crispy chocolate confectionery. The shape is super cute~ you can't help but want to hold it in your palm as you admire it.

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