Monday, January 2, 2017

本家(ボンガ/BORNGA) 新宿職安通り店

Another lunch date with Pat at 本家, Shin-Okubo.

Our meal came with 4 banchan and a soup. My favourite is the radish kimchi in the black plate~ best radish kimchi I've had.

The first set of veg that we got was this huge platter of mixed vegetables. Some we felt were too weird to eat raw, so we placed them on the grill.

The soup was served cold and it's slightly sourish.

We ordered 2 sets of beef and a set of pork. This here are the beef. We thought that we would be able to grill the beef pieces by pieces but apparently not, as the waiter just placed the entire stack onto the grill for us each time! hahaha....

As the cut was really thin, the meat cooked really quickly.

I really like the beef with the kimchi, wrapped in lettuce.

While the banchan were refillable, we had to pay to order more vegetables. This time we ordered only the lettuce as that was the best!

The pork were good too. I like that they gave us lots of garlic, so we can enjoy the meat with grilled garlic as shown below. Lol~ probably a little too much, but it's sooo good with the meat!

After that, we shopped around Shinjuku area and parted after Pat shared her amazing drama like story on how she and her bf got together. 

So happy for her~ 
Hearing her story gave me hope too! heehee....
According to Pat, "If we believe, it will happen!"

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