Thursday, January 5, 2017

Dinner with ex-colleagues

Met up with ex-colleagues from 6 years ago in Yurakucho for dinner~

Lol, I feel so old suddenly!

Felt happy and blessed to meet them again. I would never have thought that one day, we would all meet again in Tokyo. Also, I gotta thank them for treating me to dinner.

The top is an appertiser that we got with burdock, carrot and konnyaku.

We had fried potatoes and omelette with mentai sauce, which was really good! The egg was fuwa-fuwa and went sooo well with the mentai sauce.

Some yakitori~

Deep fried tofu with minced ginger~

Fried squid which was super yummy~ My favourite dish of the night!

And, sashimi~!!! 

After that, we went to a nearby bar for our nijikai.

Also, A san was really nice. He remembered that my B'day was a few days away and prepared a B'day present for me! :D

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