Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Eating Japan - Snack series 9

1. Caramelito Belgian caramelised biscuit

I like these because they are packed individually and hence, easy to store in my handbags as quick snacks whenever I need them. Besides tasting good, they also smell amazing!

2. Milk shio caramel popcorn

Not a fan of this. I didn't like the texture of the popcorn or the flavour. I threw the entire bag away after trying a few pieces.

3. Coconut popcorn

This one actually tasted decent. The flavour reminded of Garett's coconut flavoured popcorn, but of course....not as good. 

4. Calbee Black Consomme flavored chips

This is their Halloween special edition. The chips are flavoured with this black consomme powder. It tasted like their usual non-black ones but these definitely make a nice impact for Halloween parties.

5. Glico Wa pudding - Kyushu sweet potato pudding with a chestnut caramel

This is the perfect autumn dessert! I really enjoyed the combination of flavours! Hopefully, they will produce this again next Autumn.

6. Milky Hello Kitty chocolate

While I don't enjoy plain milk chocolates, the Hello Kitty design looks cute~ hahaha.....

7. Nissin coconut sable

Love this! Bought this over and over again because it makes for an amazing snack at work!

8. Style One apple juice and Nissin Vitamin Lemon Water

My colleague loves these juices and but them often. The apple one was refreshing and not too sweet. As for the lemon water, it's not as sour as a real lemon. I would be happy if I could get all the different Vitamins from it.

9. AEON mikan jelly

Love all these fruit jellies,. They make for a great snack and they're my cheat method of getting more fruits in my diet~ 

10. Pokka Sapporo Butter chicken curry

This is a very convenient soup snack. Just add hot water and stir for 10 minutes.

While it smelled great, I didn't really enjoy the flavour too much. So I don't think I will be buying this flavour again. Next time, I will take out the bread from the cup before adding in hot water to prevent them from becoming soggy.

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