Thursday, January 19, 2017

Japan -Beauty series 4

Was super excited to try these interesting Japanese products that I've never seen nor heard before.

1. Apagard M-plus standard type by Sangi (Left)

So this product here is a tooth paste that used for whitening the enamel. Apagard M-plus contain a pearl ingredient, liquid conchiolin, that adds luster and gloss.

I love using this in the morning because it helps to keep my teeth white! hahaha....anyways, this toothpaste didn't have the very strong minty flavour but it leaves you with a fresh breath, which is good especially in the morning!

2. クリーンデンタル (Clean dental) by 第一三共ヘルスケア (Right)

This one here is very different from other toothpastes that I have tried because of it's salty flavour! This toothpaste is pinkish in colour and contains 10 different medicated ingredients.

I'm using this at night because it is advertised for being good for fighting tooth decay.

3. Homare Sake with Lavender Oil Lotion (Middle)

Homare contains 60% sake, a lavender extract and essential oil.There is no coloring, synthetic fragrance, mineral oil or paraben free so that was good. I like to use this as a toner after I shower. It leaves a nice cooling effect on the skin while keeping it moisturised.

4. Muo foaming face wash

A light and gentle cleansing foam that remove make up too.

5. Liese hair styling foam

A simple foam for styling hair on busy mornings. I love side braids and this could help keep all the baby hairs in the right place. I like that this product helps to tame my fringe too.

6. Primavista Sofina compact face powder case

Love this case because it's sooo pretty. I've been eyeing it for a month before I actually bought it.

7. Media moisturising face powder

I've been using this face powder for a year now and I really like them. I bought this one for winter because it could help maintain moisture. This one here is SPF20+ and PA+++ too.

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