Monday, January 9, 2017

Kuromon Market (黒門市場) & Aizendo Shomanin Temple (愛染堂)

Arrived in Osaka, freshened up at the girl's place in Shin-Imamiya and off we go to Kuromon Market~!

We came across this store that sold sea urchin and had a long queue, so we decided to join them too!

We ordered the most expensive sea urchin at 2000yen and most expensive scallops at 800yen each,

For the uni or sea urchin, we got to pick the one that we wanted and the person will open it up in front of us, while removing the guts. As a shell only has like 5 pieces, he will topped it with more sea urchin from a box.

Here's our freshly frilled scallops. Kinda pricey actually~

At there market, there are many stores selling fresh food

Spotted this huge oden pot and had to try some~ The lady there was sooo cute, she was like, ours is the best! 

This sushi stall was just nearby and as we were queuing , we spotted something that we wanted to try!

Look at the amount of freshly prep food~!!!

Out oden which consists of daikon, yaki chikuwa, and fish cake! That daikon is soooo delicious!

This beef is also from the same sushi stall. Nicely seasoned and juicy~

This is our 3000yen sushi~ My favourite is the tuna because it just melts in your mouth!!

Ooo.....what a zeitaku breakfast!!!!

Snap all the pictures we could since we spent so much! hahaha....

After breakfast, we walked around the market and I spotted some really interesting fruits. This here is the red kiwi which I've never seen before! Would love to try them if I could find them in my local supermarket.

Premium strawberries~

Premium white strawberries that I've yet to try!

After Kuromon market, we wanted to visit the nearby Owl cafe but unfortunately, it wasn't open, so we went to Aizendo Shomanin Temple (愛染堂) instead.

I read about this temple in an article online. It was recommended that those who are seeking for love to come and pray~

We prayed hard for love <3 May God bless all of us~

This here is a very old pagoda behind the main temple.

Group pic with Amanda who met up with us there


Another group pic before we head for Tsutenkaku

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