Saturday, January 21, 2017

Last day with the girls at Osaka

Spotted a restaurant near Osaka station that served ochazuke and decided to grab out super late lunch there~

The one above was the luxurious kaisen set~

As you can see the there are various condiments for ochazuke and you get to enjoy the meal 3 ways: 1. by itself, 2. with the condiments and 3. with the soup.

This one here is the salmon set with 4 different kinds of salmon - broiled salmon, fresh salmon, ikura and salmon skin! Super good, especially that salmon skin!

Of course ochazuke is not limited to just raw fish, there are also sets like this with fried pork.

Ochazuke makes for such a good comfort food because you get to enjoy the same dish in several ways and it keeps your tummy warm~!

After that, we went to grab some snacks for dinner and Chong went for the infamous Rikuro cheesecake!! They looked and smelled amazing when freshly baked!

It's my first time and trying this famous cheesecake and true to it's fame, it was good!

Lol, so many firsts for cheesecakes this trip~

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