Sunday, January 29, 2017

Shake shack Gaien

From Yoyohi-Uehara, Moon and  I walked to Aoyama for Shake Shack.

I ordered he original shack burger which costs 680 yen. Honestly, when I first saw the burger, I thought that it was the ugliest burger I've ever seen because the bun was super compressed and out of shaped. That's the reason why I pushed the bun behind in this picture to make the burger look prettier.

While the beef patty was juicy, the bun was a let down. It was compressed, soaked with the sauce and hence super flat. Besides that, it stuck to my teeth. If only it was a different bun, the burger would taste so much better.

A small lemonade for 250 yen.

Our first time at Shake Shack.

I guess it was a good choice to come at night as there was no queue.

Even though it was already dark, we can still see the beautiful yellow ginko leaves at Gaienmae.

I really enjoyed the walk here because of the ginko trees. And because of them, I was determined to come back again in the morning.

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